Streamlining Your Startup Business with AWS Cloud

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post authored by Nate Vickery, a business technology expert.

A few years ago, cloud computing emerged as perhaps the most powerful and useful technology in the IT sector, and many businesses, government agencies and even individual users have already started leveraging its potential. In fact, according to a recent IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey, cloud adaptation is, in fact, still on the rise.

The report revealed that today roughly 72% of organizations have at least one app in the cloud or a piece of their infrastructure, as opposed to 57% back in 2012. What’s more, last year Forbes reported that 37% of organizations in the United States already fully embraced cloud computing. And if that’s not enough, the number is expected to increase to around 80% by the end of the decade.

Startups and the Cloud

So, why should you company migrate to the cloud exactly? Well, for starters, ever since the early days of the cloud, one of its main appeals was (and still is) that it’s quite cheaper than an on-premises environment. Hence, it will save your business a considerable amount of money. According to Cloudworks, one of the main reasons why the cloud market will surpass $200 billion in the next two years is its affordability. In addition, around 80% of cloud adopters firmly believe that it helps their business reduce IT costs.

Now, while it is true that there are some concerns about data security, it seems like most small businesses are more than optimistic about the technology because it allows them to stay in the race with their bigger competitors. A recent Rackspace survey revealed that in the past few years, SMBs had managed to increase their profits up to 75%, as a result of cloud computing. Moreover, almost 85% of startups were able to increase their investment back into the business by up to 50%.

What can AWS do for Your Startup?

In the last couple of years, AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become one of the go-to places for small businesses looking for hosting and a plethora of other services for their applications and other business. Now, let’s say you have a tech startup, you surely need to maximize the amount of energy you put into making your services or product the best they can be. But if you are squandering your energy allocating bandwidth, comprehending cooling or racking servers, you can’t add any unique value to your customers.

Well, that unique value is something the consumers pay for, which means when you start focusing your attention and energy properly, you’ll get more customers and thus, grow faster. According to a recent Pacific Crest survey, businesses of all sizes that use third-party hosting services such as AWS, are expanding twice as fast as the businesses that are self-hosting. Furthermore, the survey also revealed that these businesses are also spending around 25% less on hosting expenses.

It’s also worth mentioning that most startups managed to save their money using tools such as Botmetric, which allow them to monitor their costs, and minimize their costs through analytics. However, before we start talking about the perks of AWS, we have to mention that cloud computing requires a high-speed Internet connection. Therefore, if your connection is sluggish, make sure to check the speed of Internet providers near you, and see which provider offers the fastest connection.

An Overabundance of Services

Whether your startup is still in the concept phase, or you’ve already started serving customers, AWS surely has a solution serve your business needs. Some of its services include:

  • Good Pricing Solutions

Low-variable prices and pay-as-you-go pricing models, tiered for S3 and a good number of tools, such as the aforementioned Botmetric that can help you manage your costs.

  • Software Development Kits

If you want to get your company up and running as quickly as possible, you cannot go wrong with AWS. It provides all the tools you need to start immediately, by using the technology you’re already familiar with.

  • Constant Innovation

Amazon is one of the biggest innovators of cloud services, and releases new features on a regular basis. This can help you build your infrastructure on a broad platform, and reduce your product’s TTM (time-to-market).

  • Special Startup Perks

Finally, some services are specifically designed to help startups grow – a free usage tier, a month of support, technical training for the members of the staff, among other exclusive offers.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, Amazon Web Service offers startups everything necessary from the very beginning and allows them to develop fully, without ever outgrowing its capabilities. And with autoscaling, every organization can maintain app availability and scale EC2 up or down automatically. And that is why hundreds (maybe even thousands) of startups around the globe use AWS for developing and scaling their business.


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