2016 AWS Summit Santa Clara Around the Corner!

After an eventful experience in AWS Summit Mumbai last month, Amazon’s AWS Summit is hitting Santa Clara, CA on July 12-13, 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. And we’re super excited to participate in it too!

As we wholeheartedly gear up for it, to showcase our AWS cloud management prowess at the event, we also warmly invite you to meet us @ booth 717.

Do join our team Minjar and Botmetric, and learn all about AWS cloud management and end-to-end cloud managed services.

What’s in store @ the AWS Summit Santa Clara 2016

Every AWS Summit has something unique, new, and fun to offer. Right from insightful, thought leadership sessions to new services announcements and fun activities. This action-packed two-day event covers six activities spread over two days and several technical sessions and interactive deliberations spanning a wide-range of topics with technical depth. The event will kick start on July 12th with AWS GameDay followed by AWS Certification Appreciation Reception.

On July 13th, the event will start with Amazon Partner Network Breakfast session for prospective, new and high-growth partners- a perfect place for you to connect with APN Partners!

This session will be followed by other sessions like AWS Certification Lounge, Women In Technology, and networking reception. At the networking session, you can connect with us and other leading cloud technology providers and consultants who can help you get the most of out the AWS Cloud.

Highlights of the Sessions

The featured keynote speaker at this AWS Summit is Dr. Matt Wood, GM, Product Strategy, Amazon Web Services. To provide you a gist of the 2nd day of the event, we have collated some of the key topics here:

Big Data & Analytics

This session will provide an overview of how to get started with Big Data on AWS. The same session will also cover more advanced best practices, common use cases, and architectural design patterns on Big Data.


This session will provide an overview of AWS personal and professional development program.


This session will explore and deliberate about how to: select projects for the cloud, improve economics, plan and execute migrations with hybrid architectures, implement DevOps, and manage change.

Public Sector

This session will have deliberations from the pioneers in the public sector technology who will share insights into their decision-making process. They will also share experiences on how their technology strategies have benefited their company.


This session at AWS Summit Santa Clara will provide an overview of AWS security services and tell how to implement cloud-based security best practices.


This session will also walk you through all the latest services offered by AWS as well as innovations and existing services.

Attend these expert keynote sessions from AWS top executives, get latest updates on advancing on AWS, connect for a one-on-one chat with AWS patrons and thought leaders, and participate in fun activities.

What’s in store @ Booth 717, AWS Summit Santa Clara 2016

Interesting cloud tech talks, product demos, and free giveaways. Yes, you heard it right. And there’s more. Our ‘Minjas’ will be sharing their innovative and agile ideas on how to automate, simplify, and optimize AWS cloud for performance, cost, security, and governance with Botmetric. This doesn’t end here. Team Botmetric will also be launching another smart service for all AWS cloud practitioners that would bring in more agility into optimizing the cloud. So, stay tuned for AWS Summit Santa Clara on July 12!

Do drop in at our booth for a live product demo of Botmetric, get trial offers, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Book your free demo request now. We’ll reserve a seat for you. Alternatively, you can take our 14-day trial here. And if you’re expecting a fun surprise, there will be an exciting photo shoot and free goodies for grab too.

We look forward to the event and meeting you. Do stop-by and let’s share about all things cloud!

Share all your thoughts and queries at @BotmetricHQ, or @minjarcloud. We’ll be glad to help you!

AWS Cloud Cost Management Best Practices to Achieve Spend Efficiency

There are many reasons for big companies to move into AWS cloud services. This helps them in reducing their spending on infrastructure and also provide the elasticity and scalability to their IT infrastructure. Some of the main reasons for companies to opt for AWS is to achieve high cloud cost optimization, to boost their profit, to reduce the importance given in maintaining infrastructure and to focus more on strategy and development, reinvestment of money into business strategies and other innovative works.

Even while operating on cloud, there are certain factors to be kept in mind before choosing the service (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) and the instance types. If the right service is not chosen, cost incurred on operations will be more and hence the business will not be cost effective. This article deals with few insights on how the cloud operations can be made more cost effective. Few points to be kept in mind before making use of cloud effectively are listed below.

  • Firstly an analysis should be conducted on the benefits and costs of different cloud strategies by involving the stake holders, after this such cloud strategy should be chosen that fulfills the IT service requirement.
  • Monitoring of cloud services and the costs should be done on a regular basis. Budget should be set for each cloud account so that an alert can be issued if the spending exceeds the budget. At the end of the month, a complete cloud cost analysis needs to be done. Conclusions should be drawn about the costs incurred. Accordingly, a spend decision should be taken based on whether it is affordable or not.
  • To achieve better results from cloud operations, a cost allocation strategy should be set up which helps in splitting the amount among services such as products, cost centers, business etc. AWS makes provision to achieve this objective and helps in providing a tagging policy to label the sources of spending. It provides tools such as cost analytics to control AWS cloud cost.
  • Many cloud users purchase instances that have higher storage capacity than which they require. This is a case of under utilized storage and is not desirable. For example, there are many users who purchase medium instances while they require small instance and this lead to wastage of storage space. This should be avoided.
  • The most number of instances purchased are EC2 instances. These instances can be purchased as reserved instances and the cost can be saved. But if the user is doubtful about his needs, he can experiment with on demand instances by scheduling them appropriately and later shifting to reserved or scheduled reserve instances.
  • As the business expands, the amount spent on cloud operations also increases, this might not be a bad thing as the amount spent on cloud is proportional to the business expansion. The right way to evaluate the spending is by calculating the unit costs. Unit cost metric should be used to find the amount spent on instances. Using ECU based cost analysis would inform you better about your cost optimization efforts.
  • Spot instances are very helpful in avoiding cost on cloud operations. These instances allow you to bid on spare Amazon EC2 instances. This helps in reducing AWS cloud cost as they are cheaper than reserved instances and perform the same operations as reserved instances but at lesser amount.

The above points are few steps towards reducing the cost on cloud services. There are many more best practices that can be followed in doing the same. The companies opting cloud have their main objective as cost savings. Though cloud operations help them in achieving this step, if they are not aware of how to invest and on what instances to invest on, it can prove costlier. Hence, it is necessary to be completely aware of cloud products, their costs and use cases before making any decisions.

Botmetric can help you in optimizing your AWS cloud spend and minimizing resource wastage. Get started with a 14-day free trial today and explore cost saving opportunities and track and allocate your AWS Cloud spend better!