Ace Your AWS Cost Management with New Botmetric’s Chargeback Feature

Editor’s Note: This exclusive feature launch blog post is authored by Botmetric CEO Vijay Rayapati.

How awesome would it be if you, as an AWS user, could define, control and understand the cost allocation by different cost centers in your organization, while providing an ability to generate chargeback invoices. It’s possible with the new Botmetric Cost Management & Governance application’s Chargeback module.

This Chargeback module has the same Cost Allocation and Internal Chargeback features from the earlier version of Botmetric, however, packaged in a new UI with augmented features. These features together will help you manage costs associated with  AWS infra in a smart way. Plus, you can manage budget controls better across projects and departments. More than that, users can manage complexities involved in treating chargebacks when dealing with multiple linked accounts from a central payer account. Additionally, you can gain access to many insightful reports for effective tracking and managing of AWS cloud costs.

Key benefits of the new Chargeback module in Botmetric includes:

  • Define Cost Allocation: We have implemented support for defining cost centers within your company by either department or team or business unit so you can split the overall spend into specific cost centers. This works based on your AWS tags for cost allocation and further defines a grouping within Botmetric for creating a cost centers for your business. You can have multiple centers for cost allocation in Botmetric.

Define Cost Allocation with Botmetric Cost & Governance


  • Control Unallocated Spend: From the Chargeback module dashboard, you can quickly identify the cost that is unallocated to any cost center in your business. This will allow you to split or allocate the cost into different cost centers and also inform your cloud team on missing tags for cost management.


ontrol Unallocated Spend with Botmetric Cost & Governance


  • Spend View within a Cost Center : We launched a drill down view so that you can understand the spend view by various AWS services within a cost center. This will allow you to inform the specific cost center teams if they are about to surpass their allocated budget for the month and let them know what is causing the increase in spend.


Spend View within a Cost Center


  • Download Chargeback and Cost Allocation Data: You can download the chargeback data for any cost center in CSV format. We also allow you to download the unallocated cost as a CSV file, so that you can share it with your IT team for inputs on how  cost should be allocated for different cost centers.


Download Chargeback and Cost Allocation Data

We are excited to release the general availability of enterprise cost allocation and chargeback support in Botmetric for AWS cloud. Now Botmetric customers can better manage their budgeting and internal reporting processes.

Please let us know if we can improve anything in Botmetric Chargeback module that can be more useful for your business. Do take a 14-day test drive, if you have not yet tried Botmetric.  

If you want to know several other new features available in the new release, then read the expert blog post by Botmetric Customer Success Manager, Richa Nath. For other interesting news from us, stay tuned on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn!

AWS re:Invent 2016 is Around the Corner. So is Thanksgiving. We’ve Something in Store for You.

While the world is gearing up for the Thanksgiving day, the enthusiastic AWS community is gearing up for the 5th Edition of AWS re:Invent.

Botmetric, as a Technology Partner of AWS, is all geared up too, and uber excited.The reasons are many. Firstly, some big news to bait from the AWS re:Invent event. Secondly, our thought leaders will be there at the event to witness these deliberations and announcements. Lastly, the Botmetric team has rolled their sleeves up to ‘give’ the AWS community some amazing stuff this Thanksgiving.

Fasten your seat belts, folks. The journey to making your AWS Cloud management more simpler, faster, and better is drawing closer. To be precise: Managing, governing, and optimizing your AWS cloud for cost, security, compliance, and operational tasks will be a breeze very soon.

The journey so far, and the journey ahead:

It’s been two years. On 11th Nov 2014, at the AWS re:Invent, Vegas, Botmetric  was launched in private beta. From that time till today, Botmetric has evolved continuously with several feature enhancements. Today, it is the highest rated app in the AWS marketplace and has gained numerous accolades from several AWS users due to its comprehensive cloud management and optimization capabilities. As we look forward to the upcoming AWS re:Invent, Vegas, on 29th Nov 2016, all we can say is that the journey so far to making AWS more AWSome has been an  overwhelming experience.

Nevertheless, the continually evolving cloud technologies has thrust upon several cloud challenges, to all the cloud users. These challenges too have been changing over the years as these technologies evolved. Despite such changing cloud challenges, our focus on providing the best cloud management solutions has not changed a tad.

We have consciously and continuously built a Customer First culture at Botmetric. Everyone, right from engineering and management to marketing and sales, are part of our customer support team. This shows how fanatic we are when it comes to customer support; and our average support response time being less than 5 minutes is a testimony to this.  And, all five start ratings at the AWS Marketplace is a testimony to how much you love Botmetric.

Few notable aggregate metrics from Botmetric till date:


More to Come this Thanksgiving

As we continue our journey to improve Botmetric for you, we have some fresh beans to spill, this Thanksgiving. You have heard it right. There’s more to come and it’s “All-New-Us.”  So to say, your cloud’s cost management, security posture, compliance, governance, and automating operational tasks will be lot simpler, easier, and faster. Stay tuned with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This Thanksgiving day, we thank you all for the constant feedback and support rendered. And yes, not to forget the much awaited AWS re:Invent. If you are at the event, then Botmetric invites you to meet our leaders for a quick chat, at the luncheon or high tea, to catch-up with Botmetric news, AWS announcements, or just share stories about what you’ve been building in the AWS Cloud. Do drop in a line to, and I’ll let them know.

P.S. If you have not signed-up with Botmetirc yet, then go ahead and take a 14-day trial. As an AWS user, we are sure you’ll love it.