Top 20 Cloud Blogs for Every Cloud Architect

After 9 years of my life as a content writer and blogger, when I decided to step into the world of cloud computing, I had no experience about this domain. I had to plunge the depth of the IT infrastructure business to understand the essence of cloud computing to have a meaningful interaction with our blog readers and website visitors. Initially, I had reached out for guidance to various developers and friends in the team. However, the information was loose ended and I was left with an unsatiated want for more. Thus, I made the effort to carefully curate a list of the best cloud blogs that could help me get all the latest news and relevant updates on the industry. I wanted to share my list of the best 20 cloud blogs, that can help everyone from a noob to an industry expert stay up to date with all the latest insights, news, and releases. The list has been arranged in alphabetical order.

  1. All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed offers exclusive thought leadership insights and articles by Werner Vogels, the CTO of AWS. Vogels talks about the latest trends, his best practices, and takeaways. It is a must follow for AWS users and enthusiasts.

All Things Distributed

  1. CIO-Cloud Computing

CIO-Cloud Computing is an online tech digest under the IDG umbrella. The blog is targeted towards CXOs, IT Directors and Senior Managers. It provides thought leadership insights and cloud business news in its ‘cloud computing section.’ It also gives cloud industry’s latest announcements and enterprise insights. The blog highlights interviews with CXOs and leaders on cloud strategies and best practices. CIO features posts from Arik Hesseldahl, a regular writer for blogs like Forbes and All Things Distributed.

CIO- Cloud Computing

  1. Cisco Blogs on Cloud Computing

Being the networking pioneer, Cisco has the latest cloud news and trends. It also provides cloud challenges and opportunities, cloud Q&A, and tools. Cisco has an Alexa global ranking of 760. DevOps engineers, IT managers, and cloud practitioners will benefit the most from this blog.

Cisco Blogs on Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud Computing Intelligence

This magazine is your one stop solution for all the UK cloud computing news. CCi publishes every aspect of getting cloud into your business. There is a need for an independent, impartial, and comprehensive resource for knowledge that ensures businesses make the correct decisions as they adopt cloud computing solutions. CCi and its sister website “” helps you look beyond the added advantages of cloud computing and focus on business processes and innovation. Cloud computing allows businesses to focus on its core competencies.

Cloud Computing Intelligence

  1. CloudTech

CloudTech has an analytical and informative cloud digest for a variety of readers. Dedicated to cloud computing strategy and technology, CloudTech has hundreds of blogs about cloud-related topics. It reaches over 320,000 cloud computing professionals each year.


  1. CloudTweaks

It has some of the most prominent technology authors on cloud computing which makes CloudTweaks blogs more relevant, topical and trendy. In addition to countless contributors and multiple posts, it has various other forms of content. Some of these include statistics, infographics, event announcements and cloud comics that make information more snackable and easy to digest.


  1. DZone

DZone has an Alexa global ranking of 3896. Dzone offers top-notch DevOps news, tutorials, cloud blogs and tools for everyone, from beginners to expert DevOps practitioners, and cloud architects. The blog provides valuable information about on-the-job best practices and solutions for the DevOps world. It has hundreds of free publications with over 1M members. Top industry bloggers, cloud experts, and executives write about latest cloud news and advancements.


  1. Forbes Cloud Computing

Forbes has a dedicated team of cloud bloggers who write innovative and helpful articles like ‘cloud 100’ to boost up the cloud ecosystem. The ‘cloud 100’ is a list that provides definitive ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world. You can also find cloud success stories, cloud strategies by industry experts and latest tools to explore for your business on cloud. Forbes holds a spectacular Alexa global ranking of 238.

Forbes Cloud Computing

  1. HighScalability

HighScalability lets you satiate your hunger for the knowledge of a tech heavy cloud buzz. Especially curated for cloud architects and cloud engineers, it offers rich and tech loaded information on cloud architecture and scalability best practices. It features the cloud industry’s latest blogs and news by cloud experts.


  1. IEEE Cloud Computing

If you want to indulge in deep learning about cloud computing, IEEE is the place for you. It has blogs on cloud technology with insightful information and expert op-eds. Targeted at IT researchers and cloud experts, the blog provides cloud computing trends, reports, and forecasts. It’s Alexa global ranking is 811.

IEEE Cloud Computing

  1. Infoworld Cloud Computing

InfoWorld’s readership largely consists of IT and business professionals. It focuses on providing tips and tricks, industry analysis, and editorial content from a mixture of experienced technology journalists and working technology practitioners. The site has an average of 4.6 million monthly page views and 1.1 million monthly unique visitors.

Infoworld Cloud Computing

  1. ITWorld – Cloud Computing

This IDG sub-blog is your final repository to catch up with the latest cloud news and insights from CXOs on cloud computing strategies and digital transformation of IT infrastructure. Top leadership interviews from CXOs and cloud gurus get regularly featured here. The blog consists of a range of news, reviews, and analysis. Topics range from SaaS and web applications to cloud services, storage, and security. Podcasts and webcasts on cloud best practices is something to look out for.

ITWorld - Cloud Computing

  1. Newstack

Newstack can help you understand everything you need to know about application development and management at scale. The information here is mainly focused on stacks, dockers, containers, and DevOps. Newstack evaluates the effect that they have on enterprise startups, the developer communities, the DevOps movement and various business models- something you should definitely not miss out on!


  1. Talkin Cloud

Talkin cloud has it all – cloud computing industry news trends for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Value Added Resellers (VARs). If you are a cloud practitioner, this is your go to place to gather all the latest cloud digests you would need. Nicole Henderson, the Director of Penton Technology is a regular blogger here.

Talkin Cloud

  1. TechCrunch Cloud Computing

TechCrunch focuses on publishing news specific to the technology industry. This American online publisher primarily covers bold opinions on new products and thorough analysis of emerging trends in tech. It gives you the latest news on cloud economics and innovation. TechCrunch is the holy grail for IT CXOs and cloud managers. It features interviews from technology disruptors, and major updates about the cloud industry. The site boasts of valuable inputs by notable writers and journalists like Frederic Lardinois, and Mike Butcher

TechCrunch Cloud Computing

  1. TechRepublic

TechRepublic helps IT decision-makers identify technologies and strategies to empower workers and streamline business processes. The site delivers a unique blend of original content by IT professionals. It also provides peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT leaders on the Web. It has a vast library of professional resources from the leading vendors in the IT industry. TechRepublic features blogs, community forums, vendor white papers, software downloads, Webcasts, and research.


  1. Thoughts on Cloud: – by IBM

With an impressive Alexa global ranking of 504, IBM provides a plethora of insights and news from the cloud industry. These include many trending and IBM well practiced articles on AI in the cloud. Thoughts on Cloud provides information on latest integrations for better cloud performance. It also gives information about IBM’s Watson application. IBM cloud users, IBM Watson enthusiasts, and hybrid cloud practitioners will especially love this blog.

Thoughts on Cloud

  1. Wikibon

Wikibon is a community of practitioners and consultants on technology for business systems that use open source sharing of free advisory knowledge. It compares itself to technology research services such as Gartner and International Data Corporation. Unlike them, its research is available under a GNU General Public License. Wikibon’s research is created and made available in the form of a wiki. This enables contributors to post content, add to existing content, and offer changes and amendments.


  1. ZDNet cloud

Founded on 1st April 1991 with a current Alexa ranking of 3203, ZDNet is a business technology news website published by CBS Interactive. The online publication was started as a general interest technology portal from Ziff Davis. It soon evolved into an enterprise IT-focused online publication owned by CNET Networks. ZDNet’s cloud blogs are aimed at CXOs and IT managers of the cloud technology world. The blog focuses on cloud best practices and the latest cloud news.

ZD Net cloud

  1. Botmetric

Last but not the least, I would like to mention our own in-house blog where I frequently contribute. Botmetric is a leading AI-powered cloud management platform that helps businesses do magic on the cloud. Blogs on Botmetric covers a spectrum of cloud related topics and best practices. Our CEO, Vijay Rayapati is also a frequent contributor on our blog page and provides thought leadership insights on the future of cloud technology. We even have interesting blogs and detailed white papers such as 10 Design Principles for AWS Cloud Architecture for our readers, and many more insightful articles that come out on a weekly basis. AIOps, NoOps, Machine Intelligence, cloud best practices – you have it all here!


Platform blogs

  1. AWS Blog

Are you new to AWS or do you call yourself the master of ‘all things AWS?’ Whoever you are, this is one blog that you must follow. Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing pioneers have established an ecosystem where cloud practitioners have a culture to learn, innovate and get certified for AWS cloud. While AWS has numerous blogs specific to region, services and technology, their main blog is driven by their Chief Evangelist, Jeff Barr. A proficient and seasoned writer, Jeff Barr provides AWS readers with blog posts that include everything ranging from industry news and events, to technical descriptions on how to make the most of AWS.

AWS Blog

  1. Azure Blog

Microsoft Azure is one of the largest public cloud providers. The Azure blog has information on the latest product news and features as well as industry events. Contributions to these blog posts are made by multiple Azure staffers who play a vital role in the company’s integrated cloud initiative. Know the latest from these Azure experts and developers about the newest information, insights, announcements and Azure news in the Microsoft Azure blog.

Azure Blog

These blogs have enabled me to understand the finer nuances of cloud computing. Of course, learning is an on-going process and I would love to know your favorite cloud digests. Have suggestions? You can reach out to me at