Top 5 Cloud Migration Challenges- An Analysis by Minjar

When your enterprise is migrating to the public cloud, you might be faced with various challenges at each stage of migration. In the course of its ever-evolving partnership with AWS and recently with Azure, Minjar has analyzed that there are 5 major challenges that any enterprise will face while they are undergoing the migration process.

These challenges are:

  1. Time/duration
  2. Complexity
  3. Risk
  4. Cost
  5. Security

AWS Cloud Migration Analysis by MinjarFig.1. Minjar Analysis

Time/Duration: The process of migration or rather the replication process, faces a huge challenge during the process of transferring large data sets to the cloud. Once migration is complete, it is important to make sure that the processes are consistent and in tandem. The less time-taken to automate services on the cloud, the more happy clients you get.

For example; SingPost SAM was migrated to AWS Cloud infrastructure by Minjar. Singapore Post approached Minjar with the requirement of automating their cloud deployments, auto scaling their business solution and tighten their security. The company also required 24×7 monitoring, managing and continuous improvement of their AWS infrastructure.

Upon onboarding Minjar re-architected SP eCommerce application infrastructure for high availability, enhanced performance and lower latency. Minjar enforced AWS security best practices, created a foolproof environment by implementing DDoS, VAPT, WAF and data security. It created a VPN setup to connect AWS environment with Singapore post’s network. Minjar automated their application deployment and achieved a 10x reduction in launch time which further reduced the cost by implementing auto scaling and optimized provisioning.

Complexity: The complexity of migration can be reduced with the help of tools. It provides ground to support cloud migration in order to avoid the complexities of the tasks. Minjar helped Cleartrip to migrate to cloud by using the services of AWS products like Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Relational Database Service (RDS) – MySQL, Route 53, Lambda, Snowball, Simple Storage Service (S3)

Risk: A tip for all the enterprises that plan to migrate to cloud is to first test the tools. This helps to avoid uninvited surprises which can incur cost and time of your business. This can happen due to human intervention. Automating day to day processes with the help of Botmetric Ops and Automation, a premium product by Minjar is a one-stop-solution to overcome the risk of migration.

For example; evaluated options and decided to migrate its website infrastructure from its legacy cloud managed service to Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud, as AWS offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, competitive pricing and allows rapid innovation. However migrating to AWS seemed overwhelming due to the inherent risk involved in migrating its complete online business without impacting its customers. Consequently, team selected Minjar as its AWS experts to execute the migration.

Cost: The cost and performance of your migration are mutually dependent. Agility of migration in a secure and cost-effective way can transform the enterprise’s business. Through proper management of cost, provisioning of servers and continuous checking of underutilized resources you can reduce the spend on the cloud in an effective way. Botmetric Cost and Governance has been helping Minjar since its inception, to get along well with cost management. With this product, Minjar could easily help companies to adopt cloud environment in a seamless way.

For Bigbasket the services offered in Deployment Automation was done within 2 weeks. Migration of infrastructure was done from Singapore to Mumbai Region which was done per plan in under a month. Automation done by MSP team on production deployment which brought down the deployment task from hours to minutes and the automation done during migration which brought down the total migration downtime to less than an hour helped them.

Security: This is the crucial point where many companies will think twice before cloud migration activity. Minjar uses Botmetric Compliance and Security to overcome this. It helps in finding security loopholes and rectifying it through the product. According to LinkedIn Information Security Community survey, 49% of CIOs and CSOs feel thatone of the major barriers to cloud adoption is the fear of data loss and leakage… 59% believe that traditional network security tools/appliances worked only somewhat or not at all” in the cloud.

Samsung, MAPP, Cleartrip, Godrej, and now Bigbasket have relied on Minjar for their Cloud migration and automation processes. From the analysis it is understood that Minjar has enhanced businesses by synergising cloud platform to their operations.

Wrapping Up:

Any change invites huge challenge and migrating to cloud is one among those challenges faced by your enterprise during the course of time. We have analyzed and put down a table that speaks a lot when you Do Cloud Magic with Minjar.

Challenges Migration Minjar
Duration More Less
Complexity High Low
Risk High Low
Cost High Low
Security Low High

Cloud migration needs to be secure, agile and seamless. It should synergize the operations of your enterprise by automating the activities and helping business to reduce the total spend on resources.