How to understand your company’s Cloud Security & Compliance with Botmetric?

The concerns about security and policy compliance have made organizations wary of adopting a cloud infrastructure model and storing data in public cloud environments. This also throws an opportunity at cloud service providers to implement the right tools and processes to secure their customers’ cloud infrastructure. As a premier unified cloud management platform, Botmetric leaves nothing that could compromise your cloud security and compliance.

However, before we directly get into the Botmetric offerings, let’s analyze facts on compliance and security.

Why security and compliance are important in the cloud?

Ok. You have decided to move to public cloud computing. But how about your cloud security and compliance to standards? Taking a security-first approach in the cloud and achieving a state of continuous compliance is the answer. This approach can lower your costs, minimize risks, and reduce complexity in your cloud and cloud operations.

The security-first model must focus on maintaining continuous monitoring and management of cloud security risks and threats. You must leverage modern tools and automation techniques to:

  • Monitor security threats through real-time discovery.
  • Understand the security threats through deep insights.
  • Act on threats through automated policies, processes, and controls.
  • Measure security and compliance results through robust reporting capabilities.

And now how would you ensure that your cloud is secure and compliant to these actions? The best method is to use a platform that continuously monitors and manages your cloud security against set policies and compliance processes and framework.

This model would ensure:

  • Complete and unified view across all your cloud accounts
  • Generation of compliance reports
  • Identification, prioritization, and remediation of compliance risks
  • End-to-end lifecycle compliance monitoring
  • Audit reports that demonstrate round-the-clock security management and compliance

Botmetric’s Security & Compliance

At Botmetric, we are committed to your cloud infrastructure’s security requirements and compliance standards. We have one integrated platform for cost, security, and operations that enable you to gain complete control over your cloud with confidence.

Our Cloud Security and Compliance Management platform provides continuous security and compliance assurance for your AWS. The platform is capable of identifying the key risks with over 200+ health checks across cloud network security, IAM access security, cloud data security, business disaster recovery, and infrastructure security.


Botmetric’s Security & Compliance Dashboard opens up snapshots of your cloud security and compliance issues. The issues are monitored, tracked, and compiled in the form of infographics on the dashboard to give you the summary picture. These summaries are all that you need to know about the state of your cloud security.

Botmetric audits your infrastructure, alerting you to the nature and number of risks. You can view in your cloud the health score, and understand how compliant your operations are.

The dashboard displays the following summarized reports:

Cloud Security Summary

These pictorial representations on the dashboard provide easily readable and understandable data on your total number of issues, classified based on severity levels and broken down based on regions.

aws cloud security summary

Cloud Compliance Summary

An integrated policy compliance view gives the overall health score, a total number of checks against compliance, the number of passes, and failures classified based on severity levels.

aws cloud compliance summary

Security Compliance by Policy

Tracks compliance against set policies. You have insights into your default policy, performance policy, and disaster recovery policy etc.

Apart from the dashboard view, the Botmetric Security & Compliance platform offers more detailed and automated metrics and reports on your cloud. These metrics and reports ensure the security health and policy compliance of your cloud infrastructure.

Let’s analyze the details of the Botmetric powered cloud security and policy compliance metrics and reports:

aws security compliance by policy

Policy Compliance Metrics

The policy compliance metrics provides the number of current vulnerabilities with policy compliance and health score. The overall metrics are further classified into critical vulnerabilities, security compliance summary, and recent vulnerabilities to track them all in details.

All these are achieved by Botmetric’s real time scan for your cloud compliance to identify risks and security violations. You can assess and mitigate the vulnerabilities in real time and implement a comprehensive security management for your cloud.

Audit Reports

This feature provides security audit reports and remediation with powerful click-to-fix capabilities. It can be run at any point of time from within the Botmetric platform. However, a daily audit is run automatically by the system. The reports are further classified based on categories, set policies, and groups. A click on the “View Issues” button provides links to the issues. You can’t just stop with viewing the issues; you can fix them in real time! With a powerful click-to-fix solution, you can resolve those issues in seconds without leaving the Botmetric platform.

Remediation History

The remediation history showcases fully traceable audit trail with a detailed record of all security issues fixed to help you keep track of your issues and fixes.

Configure Your Policies

Policies help you to create desired custom audits list with custom definable parameters for more controlled compliance. Apart from self-defined policies, Botmetric also has certified policy compliance such as CIS (Center for Internet Security) for AWS Framework, which certifies your infrastructure compliant of CIS Framework for AWS.

Increased Visibility with Security Reports

Reports are the very essential for discovering previous stages and while performing internal organizational audits. Botmetric has a library of reports where you can share, schedule and download daily audit reports, anytime.

And Botmetric can help!

Botmetric’s Security & Compliance could Now that you have an understanding of Botmetric’s simple but powerful Security & Compliance platform, the next step would be to implement it for the tight security and compliance measures. All you need to do now is to take a free trial for 14 days!

At Botmetric, we provide intelligent analysis of your cloud requirements, suggest ways and means to optimize your cloud, and get you going with your cloud without security and compliance threats. Talk to our experts and leverage our expertise.; and very much social: Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.