Using ECU Based Cost Analysis on AWS for Better Cost Optimization

Customers have to spend a good amount of money on AWS but only some of them are effectively using the cloud well enough to pay for what they need. You can ensure cost optimization by doing ECU based cost analysis on AWS instead of plain dollar values.

For large-scale organizations, dollar values is not a good metric as with just dollar values increase in your expenditures, you cannot arbitrate your costs better. Whereas the ECU per hour cost based analysis will enable you to pull certain levers that will help you in increasing your CPU and traffic usage with reducing your instance spend at the same time.

For example, cost of M3 instance types is less as M1 instances are previous generation instances and the new metric of ECU based costing has optimized the costs of M3 instances to fit different use cases by providing balance of compute, memory, and network resources.

Let’s see some more examples.

Scenario with Dollars/Usage Hour

Consider that in January your cost per usage hour for Application X comes to an average of $150. Then, on February 1st, you optimize the backend with RIs and better instance classes and drop your usage hour cost to $100. This situation lasts for 3 months. Then on May 1st, you get a new client and you have to increase your RDS sizes and double your EC2 instances. Now your usage cost per hour for the same product comes out to $150. The DevOps optimizations are lost in the overall usage cost.

Scenario with Dollars/ (ECU/Hour)

Now imagine that your cost per ECU is $0.10 in January. You optimize and on February 1st, you drop the cost down to $0.07 per ECU. On May 1st, you get a new client and double your EC2 instances. Now, your cost per ECU stays the same as $0.07.

This explains that using ECU based costing you can regularly lower your expenses by overseeing the number and size of your instances. ECUs and vCPUs, both are helpful in determining costs against AWS instance/product types. They provide insight into cost vs. Usage.

Botmetric now helps you to ensure that you are cost optimized by letting you perform ECU based cost analysis on your AWS usage. Botmetric has added the ability to do cost analysis based on ECU as well as vCPU approach. Adopting these approaches, you can easily save money on AWS by getting rid of unemployed and inactive resources or making obligations to retained capacity.

A new widget has been added in the Botmetric Cost Analysis Dashboard for this purpose.

Using ECU Based Cost Analysis On AWS For Better Cost Optimization

You now have a great addition to the list of features Botmetric’s AWS Cost Analytics has. Do try it out and as always share your feedbacks and suggestions. We always love to hear from you. You can also raise a feature request if you have an idea you would love to be part of Botmetric.

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Currently, you can use this ECU based cost analysis to view daily average of last 30 days. The ability to view monthly for last 6 months is also coming very soon.

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