What’s New in Botmetric? – Upgraded DevOps Automation for AWS Cloud

Over the past few months, we have been busy rolling out new features to make your cloud operations simple and powerful, while reducing your cloud cost. We are happy to share that our last month’s update on Cloud Insights has made good impact for our customers. On that note, we are pleased to say that this month, we have more updates on Cloud Fix  and Cloud DevOps automation jobs.

Cloud Fix Feature Updates

You can now do a one click fix for many audit violations detected from Cloud Insights. We have added ability for click-to-fix to the following Cloud Insights audit violations:

Cost Audit
  1. Unused RDS

Botmetric checks all your RDS instances, which are Idle for more than 7 days and recommends you to take a snapshot and delete the RDS Instance. With a single click you can create a snapshot of the idle instance and delete it.

  1. EC2 Stopped Instance

Amazon does not directly charge for stopped instances, but any EIP attached to the instance, or any EBS volume attached to the stopped instance is chargeable. Now, with a single click you can create an AMI of Amazon EC2 instances in stopped state for more than 7 days and terminate them to reduce your cost.

Disaster Recovery Audit
  1. RDS Multi Availability Zone

Botmetric recommends you to enable Multi-AZ for RDS instances. Now, you can enable it right from Botmetric with a single click.

  1. ELB Connection Draining

Botmetric recommends you to enable Connection Draining for ELB so that it is able to serve active requests before terminating the instances. Now, you can do it easily from Botmetric.

  1. ELB Cross Zone

You can now enable cross zone load balancing for your ELBs right from Botmetric. This would ensure that your traffic is split among multiple availability zones.

  1. Auto Scaling Group

Botmetric recommends you to have a health check type as ELB if you are using load balancer with Auto Scaling group. If you are not using any load balancers with Auto Scaling Group then you should choose the default health check as EC2. If you have a wrong configuration in this regard Botmetric will alert you based on cloud audit and also provide you an ability to fix it with a single click.

Security Audit
  1. Unused IAM Access Keys

Botmetric now provide ability for you to detect and remove unused IAM access keys. It is recommended to remove IAM access keys that are not needed to reduce your security risk exposure.

  1. IAM Password Policy

With IAM Password Policy, you can enforce password content requirements, automatic password expiration, prevent re-use of old passwords, etc. These requirements increase your overall AWS environment security.

Botmetric validates the password policy settings for the AWS account and recommends you to enable all password content requirements if not been enabled. You can enable this as well right from Botmetric.


Botmetric Helps You Fix AWS Cloud Audit Violations With Single Click

Cloud DevOps Automation Jobs Updates

We have added new devops automation jobs and also you can now disable your cloud automation jobs temporarily if required.

Here are the new devops jobs which has been added to Botmetric Cloud Fix module.

Cron Jobs
  1. Create EBS snapshots based on instance ids
  2. Delete EBS snapshots
Interval Jobs
  1. Create EBS snapshots based on instance ids

Cloud Insights Updates

You can now audit S3 Access Configuration and S3 Bucket Permissions. We have added the following sub-audits under DR and Security audit:

Disaster Recovery Audit
  1. S3 Buckets Access Configuration

Botmetric provides a list of S3 buckets that does not have correct logging configuration. When logging is initially enabled, the configuration is automatically validated; however, future modifications can result in logging failures.

Security Audit
  1. S3 Bucket Permissions

Botmetric provides a list of S3 buckets that have granted Read/Write access to all. This is a potential security threat as contents can be accessed by anyone.

  1. RDS Encryption Audit

You can use RDS encryption to increase data protection and meet compliance requirements. With the new update, Botmetric provides a list of RDS instances for which encryption isn’t enabled.


RDS Encryption Audit

The above mentioned features are available now, start automating from today. If you already have an account with Botmetric, you can track Botmetric product updates here.

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