What’s New In Botmetric? Enhanced AWS Cost Management

Being able to keep track of all the AWS cloud spending habits and understanding if you’re spending it right has been a pain point for most of AWS customers. An effective cloud cost management requires you to understand potential cost saving areas to stay fiscally prudent. Botmetric has paid attention to this and we have enhanced AWS Cost Management Analytics for our customers to keep them updated with their cloud spend.

We understand that of all the cost saving tactics on AWS Cloud, one of the best ways to cut-short AWS cloud spending is through Reserved Instances. Hence, we now have a separate dedicated section in Reserved Instance planner. It has been completely revamped with an even more intuitive UI in place. All the recommendations have been improved with the most apt suggestions so as to help you make smart EC2 instance reservations.


Botmetric Provides List of EC2 Instance Reservation Recommendations

What’s more? You can now view recommendations and latest insights depicted in a beautiful pie-chart format! You can now view recommendations by ‘Instance Type’.


Botmetric AWS Reserved Instance Planner: New & Improved

There can also be AWS EC2 instance reservations for which there are no matching running instances. Botmetric also provide a separate list of such unused EC2 reservations. Basically on all of these you are loosing your reservation cost. Having this list would help you to take one of the below actions and save:

  1. Modify instance reservation

With any EC2 reservation you can modify its Availability Zone(AZ), network type (VPC/EC2-classic) and change your instance reservation size to align with bigger or smaller running instances which aren’t reserved.

  1. Sell in the reserved instance marketplace

If you feel that you aren’t going to use the reservation, then you can list your unused AWS EC2 reservations in the reserved instance marketplace.


Botmetric Provides List of Unused EC2 Instance Reservations

We are also working on analyzing your running instances and providing you with modification recommendations for the unused EC2 reservations. Very soon the Unused RI section on Botmetric will have a ‘view modification recommendations’ button for each of the unused EC2 reservations.

Apart from all these, the latest enhancements in the Botmetric’s Cost Analytics for AWS cloud includes a few more striking features.

Ability to refresh RI data on-demand

Botmetric users can now get latest RI data on demand with just a click of a button.

If you have rightly followed the recommendations and reserved instances, you need not wait for 24 hours before your RI data gets refreshed and you can verify. You can quickly initiate a refresh whenever you want. Botmetric alerts you with a notification when latest data is available. Generally fresh reservations gets activated only after an hour or two. Hence, we recommend you to wait for 2 hours before initiating the refresh after you have made any fresh reservations.

Improved cost estimation

The dashboard provides you with intelligent insights on the gross spend you would expect for the current month, to help you stay on track with your cloud spend. Botmetric smartly estimates your current month’s spend over your most recent data set and assists you with an appropriate insight on potential cost savings you can earn for that particular month. Estimation is subjected to vary based upon your actual cloud spends. The suggested gross estimated value will include a summary of your total month to date spend and forecasted value for the remaining days.


Botmetric AWS Cloud Account Cost Summary

Cost data is now updated multiple times a day

Gone are the days when updating your cost data was limited to only one update a day. This has changed!

With the new Cost Analytics on Botmetric, your data will get updated multiple times a day, based on the number of times AWS data is updated. So, you will always stay up-to-date with latest cost data.

We believe that with these latest enhancements our customers cloud cost management experience will be enriched.

Should you need any further assistance on understanding about AWS Cloud Cost Analytics, feel free to reach out to us. You can also write to support@botmetric.com.

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