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The Workhorse, Get Job Done


Upto 25k AWS Spend

10 Clicks to Fix

10 Automation Jobs

1 Year Data Retention Time

Saving Projections

Basic Support

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$499 + 2%

Welcome Cloud Zen


Upto 100k AWS Spend

Unlimited Click to Fix

50 Automation Jobs

Custom Jobs and Policies

Budget Alert Configuration

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Botmetric believes in helping the community that is trying to change the world. If you are a nonprofit, university or early stage startup using AWS cloud then we offer a special pricing to help you in your mission.

Why Cloud Engineers Love Botmetric?

Botmetric Pricing Plan

Excellent tool to understand infrastructure compliance

It’s a single pane of glass to see the status of your infrastructure; helps automating tasks, provides cost-saving recommendations and also have intuitive billing reports

Botmetric Pricing Plan

Perfect all-in-one tool for security & cost Audit, Automation

Botmetric helped me to bring all in place where I was able to plan DR, do automation, use RI with the help of RI planner, security fixes etc

Botmetric Pricing Plan

A complete Dashboard for Amazon cloud management

Botmetric provides the state of numerous product environments from a single pane of glass. It drills down deep in to my cloud data and helps direct resources towards fixing identified issues – all this before my coffee is done

Botmetric Pricing Plan

Awesome insights on AWS cost analysis

Botmetric’s Cost Analytics and RI Planner sure save me a lot of time

Botmetric Pricing Plan

Extremely Useful

Very useful tool. Takes the tedium out of managing AWS costs, and makes it easy. Well worth the investment, and pays for itself in a matter of months

Botmetric Pricing Plan

Built for success!

If you want to save money with AWS, use Botmetric! It provide pretty dashboards and analytics.The guys really know what they’re doing and the support is also incredible

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Account Setup

No Developers? No Problem. We will get Botmetric installed and working for you.

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3rd Party Tool Integration

Looking for third party Integration? Get slack/Hipchat, Jira, Freshdesk Integrated.

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(For every extra Tool)

Custom Jobs

Want to create & run your own job? Get ability to create desired automation.

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(For 5 extra Job)

Custom Audit

Want to run your own script? Create Audit asper your requirement.

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Smart Assist

Looking for outcomes rather than tools? Now get guaranteed cloud outcomes with expert-led, platform-driven solution.

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Managed Cloud

Get expert assisted AI model to manage your cloud end-to-end with 24X7X365 support.

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Pricing Plan

Features Growth Power Enterprise
AWS Spend $25k $100k $100k+
AWS Accounts 5 10 Unlimited
Cost Analysis Available Available Available
Cloud Security Audit Basic Audit
Custom Audit* Perimeter Analysis fixes and Automation
Custom Audit* Perimeter Analysis fixes and Automation
EC2 Cost Analysis Basic Analysis
Advance Analysist* EC2 Cost forecasting and analysis, Data transfer cost & analysis
Advance Analysist* EC2 Cost forecasting and analysis, Data transfer cost & analysis
Data Retention Time* Historical Reports
Upto 1 Year Upto 2 Year Upto 3 year
Saving Projections Available Available Available
Cloud Explorer Basic Explorer
Advance Explorer* Basic Explorer and Service View
Premium Explorer* Basic Explorer and Service View
Automation Jobs 10 50 Unlimited
Click To Fix 10 CTF Unlimited click to fix
Multifix* EC2 Cost forecasting and analysis, Data transfer cost & analysis
RI Capabilities
Basic RI Planner* Can View and Download RI Reports
Advanced RI Planner* Basic + Plan your RI with Botmetric
Smart RI Planner* Automate RI Modifications
Email Reports Monthly Daily/Weekly/Monthly Daily/Weekly/Monthly
Basic Support* Email
Advanced Support* Email + Live Chat
Premium Support* Chat+Email+ Phone
Chargeback Available Available Available
Custom Reports Only 1 Report Available Available
Custom Policies
Basic* Create 1 Policy
Advanced* Insert 5 Custom Policy
Premium* Include & Ignore resources for an audit in a policy
Custom Jobs N/A 5
Unlimited* With Library Support
Configure Budget Alerts N/A Available Available
Alerts & Incidents N/A N/A Available
API Access N/A N/A Available
Botmetric's Expert Support Call N/A N/A Monthly
3rd party tool Integration N/A N/A
Available* Slack, Hipchat, Jeera/ Freshdesk
Budgeting and forecasting N/A N/A Available
Invoicing Support N/A N/A Available

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Common Questions

Can I pay by cheque ?

Yes, you can. You can opt for invoicing and cheque based subscriptions for annual plans except standard plan. Please write to sales@botmetric.com for assistance.

Who should I contact if my spend is above 100K?

Please contact sales@botmetric.com for added advantage with your Enterprise plan. You can also send a message via in-app messenger or give us a call at +1 925 271 7716.

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