Reduce Cloud Cost

Reduce your cloud cost

Botmetric is all that you need to monitor cloud costs, optimize cloud services, and gain governance control on your Amazon Cloud (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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Get complete visibility into your cloud cost. Take control!

Advanced cloud cost analytics for AWS and Microsoft Azure

Knowing how to control your cloud cost is easy when all the right data comes together in a single dashboard to help you make right decisions. Botmetric provides enterprise wide visibility into your cloud costs (for both Azure and AWS) to build a meaningful picture of cloud expenses and analyze resources by business units or departments. You have immediate answers to why your cloud costs have spiked and what caused it?

Get a comprehensive, multi-cloud solution for unified cloud cost management. You will love it on every visit.

Deep-dive of your AWS and Azure costs from single platform.

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Fix cloud cost leaks and realize savings for EC2, RDS and RI

Identify and fix cloud cost issues with click-to-save

A penny saved is a penny earned. Botmetric tracks down every unused and underused resource in your AWS cloud so you can fix cost leaks with the powerful click-to-save option. Get intelligent recommendations to reduce your cloud cost for EC2, RDS and AWS Reserved Instances (AWS RI). It’s that simple!

Get the highest and most rated cloud management platform on AWS marketplace. Turn on smart cloud cost savings.

Eliminate unused resources causing cost leaks with one click.

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Get Azure cloud cost management, maximize savings

Comprehensive Azure cloud cost analytics and management

One size doesn’t fit all, especially on cloud. Take full control of your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and keep your expenses on track with ‘built for Azure’ options like centralized monitoring, spending trend and resource groups. Identify, analyze, monitor daily cloud cost and core cloud KPIs with real-time predictive analytics to plan and track your cloud budgets.

Say goodbye to Azure cost spikes!

Identify and understand cost drivers and spikes for Azure cloud

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Smart AWS Reserved Instance (AWS RI) planning to save on cloud cost

Intelligent AWS RI planner for maximum cloud cost savings

Cloud capacity planning is important to reduce your overall cloud cost. Botmetric’s Amazon Reserved Instance (AWS RI) planner evaluates your cloud utilization for intelligent recommendations to optimize AWS RI costs. Save weks of efforts with Smart RI purchase planner. No more over reservation or underutilization.

All you need to maximize your cloud ROI.

Build sufficient scenarios and plans before committing AWS reservations

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Key Features

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Smart RI Manager

Get your Reserved Instances back to work. Save money while you sleep.

CFO Cloud View/Planner

Plan, strategize, measure and envision your public cloud costs. Custom view for financial decision makers

Cloud Savings Maximizer

Discover grey areas of cloud cost leaks and realize continuous savings. Go extra mile to save on cloud.

Smart Chargeback

Regulate better cloud cost discipline. Allocate costs for every cloud cost element.

Unified Cloud Dashboard

Converge and Visualize your cloud performance under one platform. Get instantaneous knowledge on your cloud

Click To Save

One click solution from within platform to solve your cloud cost issues. Save more with less effort.

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Highest Rated Cloud Management Platform in the AWS MarketPlace

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a very good dev-ops team. Why should I use Cost & Governance?

Botmetric “Cost Management & Cloud Governance” application eases the stress on your DevOps team to monitor costs & analyze spikes to support finance team or business owner queries. Instead you can use it to get intelligent insights and smart RI recommendations while identifying rightsizing opportunities, gather business reports, and eliminate the unused resources without writing any manual scripts. Thus, your Cloud and DevOps engineers gets more time on business innovation.

Moreover, “Cost Management & Cloud Governance” solution offers policy driven controls, great reporting capabilities and innovative cost optimization opportunities, which help increase your ROI and reduce cloud spend.

My AWS cost is increasing; can Cost & Governance help me?

You’re in the right place. The “Cost Management & Cloud Governance” is designed to help manage your cloud spend, eliminate unused resources, build budget alerts, enforce tagging policies, and offer rightsizing recommendations across your cloud usage. Its comprehensive Reserved Instance management module recommends smart RI reservations, and provides powerful insights to maximize your RI efficiency.

Your Cloud costs will soon be under control with Botmetric.

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