Secure your cloud Compliance

Get cloud security compliance

Get continuous cloud security and compliance assurance for public cloud with 200+ health checks and one-click remediation for cloud vulnerabilities.

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Know your cloud compliance and security vulnerabilities in real-time

Continuous cloud security and comprehensive cloud compliance management

Get a real-time scan for your cloud compliance to identify risks and security violations based on AWS well architected framework & cloud security best practices. Assess and mitigate vulnerabilities and adopt AI-powered cloud security management for your business. Define custom health check policies for compliance audits and proactively analyze cloud security operations.

Identify and resolve potential cloud security threats before they turn into business challenges.

Visualize cloud vulnerabilities on region map and run various industry compliance audits

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Go beyond cloud security health checks with intelligent remediation

Detailed KPI monitoring for cloud security, risk and vulnerability management

Why stop at identifying compliance risks and cloud vulnerabilities when you can fix them in real-time? Botmetric’s intelligent approach to cloud security management will help you resolve issues within seconds with powerful click-to-fix. Define and configure risk assessment policies to be in charge of your AWS cloud security.

With Botmetric, fix your public cloud security and compliance risks with just a click.

Fix security issues with one click within platform

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Always-on cloud security with advanced audits

Continuous risk and vulnerability monitoring of your cloud infrastructure

Get continuous compliance and cloud security assessment for your AWS cloud without spending hours to figure out potential cloud vulnerabilities. Use a single dashboard to get full compliance visibility into cloud network security, IAM access security, cloud data security, cloud infrastructure security and disaster recovery. Define your custom cloud audits to stay 100% compliant. Get daily reports and alerts for critical issues to stay on top of your cloud security game.

Automate your cloud compliance and security risks assessment with Botmetric.

Gauge your cloud security performance by Cloud Compliance Summary and Healthscore

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Key Features

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Risk & Vulnerabilities Map

Visualize all cloud risks on a region map. Converge and concentrate over accentuated regions.

Click To Fix

Single click fix for all your cloud risks. Fix more AWS cloud risks in less time.

Custom Cloud Audits

Master cloud security. Code easy your own AWS cloud security audits.

Cloud Security HealthScore

Gauge your cloud fitness with security score. Get stronger/ more secure in cloud.

Cloud Compliance Manager

Balance multiple cloud compliance policies all under single pane. Customize and control your cloud compliance.

Real-time Risk Correlation

Get informed real-time on cloud risks and vulnerabilities. Concentrate more on root cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is this different from AWS Trusted Advisor?

Botmetric “Cloud Security & Compliance” has many powerful capabilities beyond Trusted Advisor. It offers additional audits aligned with industry best practices, ability to fix risks without leaving the platform, and insightful metrics such as health score to track your security compliance policy enforcement. You will get visibility into compliance trends categorized into Network, Data, Security, Disaster Recovery and IAM Access, for focused security operations and business compliance monitoring.

Can I custom define policies to manage my AWS cloud security?

Yes, you can. Botmetric allows you to build custom policies to run categorized audits suitable for your business compliance and security needs. We will be releasing support for custom security audits soon so you can plug-in your existing security monitoring events into Botmetric.

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