Highest rated cloud management platform in the AWS Marketplace


Very useful tool. Takes the tedium out of managing AWS costs, and makes it easy.Well worth the investment, and pays for itself in a matter of months


As a newly born startup, we must be very rigorous with our infrastructure costs. Using Botmetric I can audit costs without having to spend hours analyzing AWS reports. Best app ever!


Botmetric provides a really simple usable dashboard with relevant information taking front page. And have great support team proactive about asking about customer usage patterns and asking for customer feature requests And getting some of them implemented as well] and giving insights into upcoming features.


1.Neat Interface
2.Collected your cost on services on AWS
3.Analysis if there are things you can improve
4.teach you how-to reduce your cost
5.really nice support agent
In short, subscribe Cost & Governance now


Not just the experience on AWS, tool like this adds lot of value. Though I had optimized my cost, I was far from automation and security audits. This tool helped me to bring all in place where I was able to plan DR, do automation, use RI with the help of RI planner, security fixes etc. It also helped me to migrate lot of my servers to the latest generation which in turn improved the performance. TRY it to see it.


After looking in the market for few tools , Botmetric was the best choice which helps me as Application Development to reduce the invested time in cost monitoring and apply a quick based on their best practices recommendation . Also, the cost management & RI planner was incredible to see how much you can save between On-Demand and Reserved with few clicks.
Great Job Guys … Keep it up 🙂


For us, the integrity, security and compliance is of utmost importance and having multi-client, multi-technology environment with large landscape of application, it was becoming a nightmare to keep track of everything and that where we came across Botmetric. This is an excellent tool that provides single pane of glass to see the status of various parameters of your infrastructure, helps automating tasks, provides cost-saving recommendations and also have intuitive billing reports. Overall we are very excited to start using this product.


If you want to save money with AWS, use Botmetric! It provide pretty dashboards and analytics. It’s not lots of data just scrambled across the screen, It’s pretty dashboards and insights like:
1.This resource is not being used for 7 days, you should turn it off
2.This instance is not being used at full capacity, you should decrease the instance type
3.This disk is not using all of its IOPS, consider decrease the IOPS
4.This instance could be reserved to decrease your costs from X to Y
The guys really know what they’re doing and the support is also incredible.
It’s the missing AWS tool! I’ll give 6months to Amazon buy this company.