Make DevOps faster

Quickly analyze problems, automate daily cloud jobs and remediate DevOps processes using Botmetric’s event driven cloud automation.


Get AIOps ready with smart cloud automation

Intelligent alert analytics and auto-remediation for faster DevOps

Automate remediation for known operational problems in AWS cloud infrastructure easily with Botmetric. Handle alerts fatigue during CloudOps using intelligent cloud automation. Manage an alert’s complete lifecycle, starting from collection to correlation to actual remediation on cloud infrastructure. All this without any human intervention.

Say yes to AIOps. Say no to CloudOps problems.

Auto-remediate alerts with desired custom IFTTT actions.

Incidents Option

Smart alert management for better CloudOps

Intuitive alert aggregation and correlation

Get a bird’s eye view of all your AWS cloud alerts from multiple monitoring systems like Sensu, Nagios, New Relic, Datadog, Slack, CloudWatch and more. Visualize these cloud alerts across hosts and metrics in the form of graphical reports. Identify all the alerts that are bothering you in your DevOps process in seconds. Make DevOps fun.

Focus on the right priorities by keeping away from cloud alert overload with Botmetric.

Gather and analyze alerts from various monitoring platforms.

Alert Analytics

AIOps or DevOps, make the right decisions faster

Comprehensive DevOps summary of your public cloud

Handle multiple AWS cloud jobs and complex cloud resources easily. Make the right decisions for your DevOps processes and cloud automation. The smart dashboard offers a quick summary of your cloud automation jobs and resources.

Right CloudOps decisions are quick and simple with Botmetric.

Overview of Ops summary and EC2, EBS predefined automation tasks.


Event driven cloud automation for routine tasks

Context-aware automation for routine DevOps tasks

Achieve powerful event driven cloud automation with policy compliance to free up your time. Reduce potential human errors while handling day-to-day cloud operations. Get real-time handling of streaming events or automating EBS snapshot backups – get peace of mind.

Take control of the AWS CloudOps and free your team from mundane tasks.

Visualize automation summary along with RDS tasks and Custom Automation.


Cloud intelligence for DevOps

Holistic view of cloud inventory

Effortlessly manage your dynamic public cloud environment with a holistic view of resources. Botmetric analyzes your cloud inventory, provides a view of resource usage across all regions and automates AWS backup. It discovers the relationship mapping between Cloud resources so you can handle DevOps operations with efficiency.

Add agility to CloudOps with DevOps best practices.

Beautiful visualization of your cloud infrastructure.

Regionwise Resource Distribution

Key features

We’ve got it covered

Monitoring alerts intelligence

Get deeper insights on your cloud incidents and monitoring alerts from CloudWatch, Nagios, Sensu, New Relic, Pingdom, etc. Easily identify the top 20% alerts causing 80% problems.

Monitoring incident remediation

Let Botmetric resolve known cloud issues, monitoring alerts, and incidents while you focus on the new and critical cloud issues.

Context-aware CloudOps automation

Single CloudOps platform with intelligent automation to supercharge your DevOps team. Get more done in less time.

Cloud disaster recovery backups

Eliminate single point of failures with automated AWS cloud disaster recovery of EBS snapshot, RDS backup, EC2 AMI, Route R3, Redshift, etc.

Intelligent DevOps management

Automate your monitoring alerts management with workflow based DevOps automation to handle known cloud issues, alerts, and incidents.

Smart Auto Scaling

Create a hassle free DevOps with Botmetric’s intelligent auto scaling management to reduce costs with unused EC2 shutdown and restarts.

Frequently asked questions

I have an expert DevOps team to carry out everyday operations. How can I benefit from Ops & Automation?

Botmetric CloudOps Automation solution empowers your DevOps and Cloud engineers by providing out of the box automation for scheduling everyday operational tasks such as back-ups, time-based auto-scaling, and much more. The automation jobs can be streamlined as cron/ interval jobs depending on your business needs. Botmetric offers operational intelligence and workflow based actions for handling monitoring events from various management systems. Your team will save significant time, eliminate manual diagnostics and get complete visibility into the operations automation through Botmetric.

Your engineers can take rapid action to monitoring alerts and deploy powerful automation reliably for day-to-day operations.

Can I visualize a summary of my AWS services across regions and network?

That’s Botmetric’s star feature is loved by many customers. Botmetric CloudOps Automation provides an absolute view of your AWS resources across network components so you can have the Cloud Intelligence at any time to understand what’s going on?

It also provides a visual summary of AWS services spread around different regions to identify relationships amongst your AWS infrastructure components, to build better cloud architecture. Makes managing cloud resources easy, doesn’t it?

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