Frequently Asked Questions

What is Botmetric?

Botmetric is an intelligent cloud management solution for AWS. We offer Cost Management and Governance, Security and Compliance, Ops and Cloud Automation solutions to simplify the cloud management work for businesses around the world by freeing up their engineers time. With Botmetric, you can identify, analyze, and resolve your cloud operational problems using intelligent click-to-fix and powerful ops automation within minutes.

There are similar products in the AWS market. What’s different here?

Don’t we love answering this one! Yes, there are many products that offer some of the benefits. But is there a single platform that analyzes your AWS cloud data, provides operational insights, highlights issues, and even lets you fix them? Without leaving the platform?


Botmetric does . That’s why we are the highest rated app in the AWS Marketplace in cloud management category. Our users and customers love us for Botmetric operational intelligence combined with automation. So, you can go from problems to fixes in mere seconds.

Tell me more. Can Botmetric make a difference to my everyday operations?

Ofcourse, we started with a mission to help customers easily manage their cloud operations through data driven decisions and intelligent automation so cloud engineers can focus on business instead of daily analysis & operations.


We are taking a holistic approach to solve major problems in cloud management through our following solutions:


Cost Management & Governance – You will get a comprehensive cloud cost management solution need to monitor cloud cost, save that extra bit, optimise spend through intelligent analytics and allocate cloud resources wisely for maximum ROI.


Security & Compliance – You have a continuously automated security audits and compliance insights with over 150+ health checks and best practices to keep your AWS cloud safe. You don’t need to worry about cloud security compliance with us.


Ops & Automation – You get the operational intelligence with powerful event driven automation platform for engineers to know what’s happening, quickly analyze problems, fix events and automate everyday DevOps tasks. You will save time and effort while freeing-up your engineers time to focus on high value business initiatives.

How do I signup?

It’s incredibly easy.

  • Visit Botmetric.
  • Enter email address and password.
  • An email, with an activation link, is sent to your registered email address. Click the link and start optimizing your cloud with Botmetric.

How secure is Botmetric?

Botmetric is built for engineers, by engineers. We take security very seriously and it’s never a done job for us.  


Secure Cloud Integration – We use ARN, unlike access keys, for a highly secured approach.


Data Encryption – We enforce encryption at multiple levels; sensitive information is encrypted at rest, and also while in transit with only HTTPS mode.


MFA Protection – We offer a multi factor authentication(MFA) to protect your Botmetric user account with 2-step verification along with password. This enhances your access security.


Traceable History – We give you a trace of all interactions within in Botmetric and with your cloud from Botmetric so you can have a view of who did what and when?


You can report any security vulnerabilities to us at, we offer  reward programs for responsible disclosures and committed to adopt highest levels of security for Botmetric platform.

Does Botmetric allow multi-user access?

Yes. Botmetric is a team player and supports ‘read’, ‘admin’, and ‘super admin’ roles. You can add multiple users and provide them with access to specific features.

How quickly can I get Botmetric up and running?

We offer a quick demo after signup so you can experience the whole platform. The ‘Security & Compliance’ application and ‘Ops & Automation’ solution will take just minutes to start working with your Cloud. However, you’ll need to give ‘Cost Management & Governance’ atleast 30 minutes to analyze your spend details and provide powerful insights to optimise your Cloud.

Do I need to install agents anywhere?

Not really, Botmetric doesn’t need any agent to be installed for “Cost & Governance”, “Security & Compliance” applications. You can leverage our agent-less technology to get started easily and put the power of Botmetric to make Cloud work for you.


However in future, we will be releasing an agent for “Ops & Automation” application for supporting any event driven remediation.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign-up for a free trial?

Not at all. We understand that engineers should be able to experience the product without any commitment. You can take a free trial without sharing any credit card information. We also offer a no questions asked refund within 30-days of your subscription

I am not interested in cost savings. What else can Botmetric help with?

We started Botmetric with a mission to help customers easily manage their cloud operations through data driven decisions and intelligent automation so cloud engineers can focus on business instead of daily analysis & operations. We request you to evaluate our “Security & Compliance” solution along with “Ops & Automation” application.


Botmetric “Security & Compliance” will safeguard your cloud, and “Ops & Automation” delivers excellent automation of day-to-day jobs. Try them. They make a significant difference to your cloud management.

Does Botmetric integrate with other apps?

Botmetric is a platform that is extendable to several third-party solutions such as CloudWatch, New Relic, DataDog, Pingdom, Hipchat and Slack etc. We will be rolling out 15+ new integrations in 2017.

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes, we do. You can opt for invoicing and cheque based subscriptions for annual plans except standard plan. Please write to for assistance.

Who should I contact if my spend is above 100K?

Please contact sales@botmetric for added advantage with your Enterprise plan. You can also send a message via in-app messenger or give us a call at +1 925-271-7716.

What charges does Botmetric incur in the AWS bill?

You don’t need to worry about any significant charges in AWS bill due to Botmetric.


However, Botmetric uses AWS APIs and CloudWatch metrics, which are subject to less than 0.1% of your AWS monthly spend.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can terminate your online subscription at any time. However the annual plans will end after the subscription period is over.

I have a very good dev-ops team. Why should I use Cost & Governance?

Botmetric “Cost Management & Cloud Governance” application eases the stress on your DevOps team to monitor costs & analyze spikes to support finance team or business owner queries. Instead you can use it to get intelligent insights and smart RI recommendations while identifying rightsizing opportunities, gather business reports, and eliminate the unused resources without writing any manual scripts. Thus, your Cloud and DevOps engineers gets more time on business innovation.


Moreover, “Cost Management & Cloud Governance” solution offers policy driven controls, great reporting capabilities and innovative cost optimization opportunities, which help increase your ROI and reduce cloud spend.

My AWS cost is increasing; can Cost & Governance help me?

You’re in the right place. The “Cost Management & Cloud Governance” is designed to help manage your cloud spend, eliminate unused resources, build budget alerts, enforce tagging policies, and offer rightsizing recommendations across your cloud usage. Its comprehensive Reserved Instance management module recommends smart RI reservations, and provides powerful insights to maximize your RI efficiency.


Your Cloud costs will soon be under control with Botmetric.

How is this different from AWS Trusted Advisor?

Botmetric “Cloud Security & Compliance” has many powerful capabilities beyond Trusted Advisor. It offers additional audits aligned with industry best practices, ability to fix risks without leaving the platform, and insightful metrics such as health score to track your security compliance policy enforcement. You will get visibility into compliance trends categorized into Network, Data, Security, Disaster Recovery and IAM Access, for focused security operations and business compliance monitoring.

Can I custom define policies to manage my AWS cloud security?

Yes, you can. Botmetric allows you to build custom policies to run categorized audits suitable for your business compliance and security needs. We will be releasing support for custom security audits soon so you can plug-in your existing security monitoring events into Botmetric.

I have an expert dev-ops team to carry out everyday operations. How can I benefit from Ops & Automation?

Botmetric Ops & Automation solution empowers your DevOps and Cloud engineers by providing out of the box automation for scheduling everyday operational tasks such as taking of back-ups, time based auto-scaling, and much more. The automation jobs can be streamlined as cron/ interval jobs depending on your business needs. Botmetric offers operational intelligence and workflow based actions for handling monitoring events from various management systems. Your team will save significant time, eliminate manual diagnostics but gets complete visibility into the operations automation through Botmetric.


Your engineers can take rapid action to monitoring alerts and deploy powerful automation reliably for day-to-day operations.

Can I visualize a summary of my AWS services across regions and network?

That’s botmetric’s star feature loved by many customers. Botmetric Ops & Automation provides an absolute view of your AWS resources, across network components so you can have the Cloud Intelligence at any time to understand what’s going on?


It also provides a visual summary of AWS services spread around different regions to identify relationships amongst your AWS infrastructure components, to build a better cloud architectures. Makes managing cloud resources easy, doesn’t it?