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Annual Public Cloud Usage Report 2017

Comprehensive insights into how the world is using public cloud

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The Botmetric Cloud Report – Cloud Adoption and Usage Trends

The 2017 Botmetric Annual Public Cloud Usage Report provides, detailed statistics on public cloud adoption and usage trends by businesses of all sizes, based on $1 billion of cloud spend managed by Botmetric today. The report includes latest data and analysis on SMB, midmarket and enterprise customer segments for cloud computing.

Mid-size enterprises are masters of the public cloud

83% of enterprises are bullish on hybrid cloud

SMBs have nearly 80% of their workloads in production

78% SMBs use un-encrypted endpoints

The Botmetric Cloud Report 2017 will give you key insights into:

success Cloud trends and priorities

success Cloud Maturity Index

success Cloud Adoption Patterns

success Cloud Workload Distributions

success Specialized Services Usage

success Cloud Management Platform

success Cloud Cost Leaks

success Cost Saving Actions

success Cloud Security Concerns

success Cloud Compliance

Start-ups and Enterprise companies find database cost optimization tough

Mid-size companies have optimized database costs better which gives them significant cost savings

Mid-size companies leveraging advanced analytics and Bigdata applications use storage services extensively

Only 3 out of 10 cloud customers are using cloud-native analytics services provided by vendors like AWS & AZURE

Take – aways

Multi-cloud is Priority

Multi-cloud is upon us

With an increase in the maturity of public cloud users, public cloud market will continue to evolve with high demands for a multi-cloud environment.

Cloud need to be Managed

Cloud need to be Managed

The challenge to seamlessly manage the cloud, is still a half-won battle for most of the cloud adopters.

Intelligence is the Key

Intelligence is the Key

Cloud management challenges can be effectively addressed by intelligent software to speed up the process of digital IT transformation.


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